Today’s Dating Culture

I don’t get today’s dating.

There’s no wooing. It’s “come over and chill” and “Let’s hang out.”
If that works for you, hey, I’m genuinely happy for ya. As for me, no thank you.

I desire romance. I want to be wooed. I want to be courted. I want sweetness, and butterflies, wine and roses. Actual dates, not just “hanging out.”

I like the way dating used to work, where a man actually picks a woman up, takes her out, gives her a nice, romantic time, brings her home and doesn’t just expect to jump into bed. I know, it’s idyllic. It’s not entirely reality-based, but it sounds so amazing.

I don’t want Netflix and Chill. I’f I’m watching Netflix, I’m probably sitting at home in my jammies with my cat.

A girl can dream.