Tequila = Truth Serum

Last night, as I do every Thursday, I went to karaoke down the street.  I only intended to have 2 beers, which is more than I usually have.  But oh no.

I was given a very tasty mixed drink, and didn’t realize until it was half-gone that it had tequila in it.  I don’t usually drink tequila.  It gets me silly, but it completely destroys my inhibitions, filters, and casts askew my moral compass.  And it gets me to be a little too honest.

Which is why, I was actually openly flirting.  I don’t do that.  And I admitted to a crush I’ve been trying to hide since October.  I stand by my words, even if I regret them coming out, because they were the truth.  No need to lie, no need to try to erase all traces of the Tequila monster.

Oh boy, is tonight gonna be an interesting night.  Karaoke at a different location.  Same wonderful guys running it.

No more Tequila.  I’ll stick to beer.  I can’t get drunk off of light beer.