Adult Dating is Hard

Honestly, I haven’t really dated since… 1999?  I met my now ex-husband in high school, in October of 1997.  We never really dated, we just kinda decided we were a couple and then a few months later (February 14th 2000) we went to the court house and got married.  And didn’t tell anyone.  We were absolute idiots.

But before he and I were a we, I dated a few boys, but nothing really long-term.  The only guy I really ever “dated” was a boy I met when I was 15, who told me he was 17.  He was over 21, but didn’t look it, and was here on an expired student visa.  It was a mess.

So, honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing.  That’s a big part of the reason I’d prefer to have someone else make the moves.  Ask me out.  Don’t just say we should hang out, make a plan.  Make it romantic.  Show me that you’re making effort.

I’m tired of casual.  I want something real.