Relax Melodies (Premium) by Ipnos

Disclaimer: this is NOT a paid advert for this app, nor from the publisher.  I’ve been a long-time user of the product and like to share my experiences.


Today I’m talking about Relax Melodies by Ipnos I first downloaded it in December 2012, because I needed something to unwind with and to use while I was making art.  I had tried the competition on the Play store (I have Android devices, though it’s available through the Apple app store as well as the Microsoft app store, but that one is more limited device-wise) but none of them provided what I wanted.  I even was trying binaral beats, but nothing.

Then I found the free version of Relax Melodies and I was hooked.  The main draw for me was the ability to mix sounds.  You don’t have to just pick whale sounds or thunder, you can  choose whale sounds and underwater, and mix those with white noise, too.

And recently (not super recently, but recently) through the Premium version (which I highly recommend) they introduced guided meditations.  Now that is a purchasable addition AFAIK, and I admit, I bought the package when it was first released, so I’m not sure what the price point is, especially outside of the US.  But it’s definitely helpful.


You get everything from the expected (the whales, thunder, waves on the beach) to the needed but often neglected (dryer, vacuum, fan)
to the “I didn’t know I needed this one” of crackling fire, wind chimes, trains in the distance, highway sounds, even monks chanting.)

This has been quite a lifesaver for me, because I have chronic insomnia, and even with medication, it can be really hard for me to unwind.  All I have to do is go to the “favorites” tab, pick one of my mixes, and bring myself down.


It’s also fantastic for meditation (non-guided) and yoga.  It’s considered one of the highest rated apps out there, and for good reason.  It can’t hurt to try the free version.


Also available through Ipnos Soft: Relax Melodies Oriental, Relax Melodies Seasons, and Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds.